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  • Class Starting from 9 January 2021:Introduction to Computer Science & Programming with Python, Saturday 8- 9AM  & Sunday 9-10AM (Adelaide time), School yr 5,6,7
  • Class Starting from 9 January 2021:Introduction to Computer Science & Programming with Scratch, Saturday 9-10 AM and 5-6PM (Adelaide time), School yr 3,4
  • High School Math Classes, Sunday 8-9AM and 9.30-10.30AM, School yr 7 & 8
  • High School Math Classes, Sunday 10.45-11.45PM, School yr 9&10

Email: [email protected] / Phone# 0470620348 

We specialised in teaching Computer Programming to Beginners, Kids and Teens

In this age of digital technology, learning to code  is essential for all ages.

codePlanet specialised in teaching coding to beginners, primary and high school kids. Our courses are in-line with the Australian STEM program (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

We frequently get extremely positive feedbacks from our students, teachers and parents. Smiley faces of our students are our greatest reward.

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Join our Pre-University Computer Science Program

Pre-University Computer Science Program

Foundation Courses

  • Python
  • C#
  • Web-Development (HTML, CSS & Javascript)
  • Web-Development (WordPress)
  • MY SQL
  • App Inventor (Mobile App Development)


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile App Development
  • Game Development
  • Data Analysis

Introduction to Computer Science & Programming

This course is suitable for beginners, Primary and High School Kids.

At the end of this program students are expected to code and develop Animations, Apps and Games, Learn a programming language (Scratch), Understand Programming Logic, Commands and Structures, Improve logical and problem-solving skills.

Mobile App Development

Learn to design & create Mobile Apps for Android operating phones. This course is suitable for beginners, Middle School and High School students.

Web Development

Create and design your website from scratch with the world's most popular web development tools like HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.

Learn WordPress and begin your carrier as a web developer. You can learn WordPress even if you have no knowledge in coding.

This course is suitable for Adult beginners, Middle School & High School kids.

Programming Languages

Learn some of the world's most popular programming languages.


Database Management

Learn MySQL- structured query language for database management system.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Big data management has become a popular buzzword across many industries. Extracting useful information from a big data source is challenging. Learn R language, the most popular and widely used tool for data analysis and machine learning.

We offer something for everyone

We offer various programming courses suitable for primary school kids (starting from Level 3)

Choose short and long term programming courses suitable for middle & high school students

School holiday camp

We organise 2 hours/day for 4 days Code Camp during school holidays. 

Join code club if you want to do multiple courses and have long-term commitment 

For those who are interested to learn about computer programming and web site development 


We offer a range of online courses suitable for school kids and adult beginners

Why us?

Curious, Imagination, Exploration, Creativity

Our focus is on play and create. Coding unleashes imagination of curious minds.


Software Development

Create and design games, apps and websites


Enthusiastic Instructors

Our instructors are passionate about coding and excited to share their knowledge and expertise

Quality speaks for itself

Christopher Fox, Parent

"A huge thank for sparking the interest and inspiring our children in moving forward with their coding. ”

Ally, Parent

"Course content and projects are interesting. My kids absolutely loved it.”

Jessie Olive, Parent

"Thank you so much for igniting my kids passion for computer programming.”

Francesco Ierace, Class Teacher, Trinity Gardens Primary School

"As teacher of a Year 4 class, I have been so lucky to have Computer Programming course taught to my students. My students’ learning in coding and computer programming through this course have grown exponentially. They have learnt so many new skills and can apply these to new situations in order to solve problems. Students were highly engaged and thoroughly enjoyed partaking the course!"

Guranteed Smiles, Fun and Skill Development


Technical Skills

Programming Languages

Apps and Games Design and Development

Learning Animation

Website Design and Development


Social Skills

Logical thinking

Team Work

Self Learning and Self Correction

Coding is fun, creative and a 21st Century life skill

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